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Lily Childs is a nice person and a scary-as-hell Horror author. I had the pleasure of accepting one of her visceral tales for my upcoming anthology Fresh Fear and let me tell you, it is a doosie. Lily recently introduced herself to a Facebook group I belong to called 'Splatterpunk Saints' - as you can probably guess, the group consists mainly of writers and artists of the Splatterpunk variety. Her introduction was so good that I decided to steal it and post it here on the Showcase as she is the featured SPS artist for October. So, without further ado, here she is - the fabulous Lily Childs!

Home, for me is a Victorian terraced house in Eastbourne on the south coast of England, two minutes walk from the sea. I share the house with my husband – an esoteric artist, our daughter (9) and our black cat, Scarlet. I’ll be 50 next year. There. I’ve said it.

I work full-time in web administration, digital content and project management, so my ‘writing time’ is precious. Clive Barker is my bliss; anything and everything he has ever penned or painted. I have read Imajica so many times I've had to replace it twice. Barker's words echo how I feel; that there is beauty in darkness and that horror can be divine or demonic, which to my mind is much the same.
I've been writing seriously since 2008, mostly horror, dark fiction and twisted crime with the occasional dally into pulp, as well as the slightly lighter, urban fantasy of my Magenta Shaman stories. I'm currently working on my untitled ‘asylum’ novel but keep getting distracted by invitations to submit to pesky anthos that are very hard to resist! But I'm two-thirds into the novel now, so it’s taking precedence.

I was Horror Editor at Matt Hilton's ezine Thrillers Killers ‘n’ Chillers until it closed earlier this year.

In 2012 I brought out the first volume of my short stories, flash and wicked drabbles, CABARET OF DREAD. It's on Amazon in paperback and ebook at and in the UK at
Cabaret is doing modestly well in the UK but could do with some love – particularly in the US and Europe - so any likes, purchases, downloads and reviews are very welcome. Thank you. I have more than enough pieces for the forthcoming Volume 2.

My dark poetry collection COURTING DEMONS is also on Amazon, and definitely needs a caress! and

The end of 2013 will see five short stories being published in various anthologies including ‘Strange Tastes’ in Fresh Fear, from James Ward Kirk Fiction: Ed. William Cook and ‘Rapture’ in the Bestiarum Vocabulum, from Western Legends: Ed. Dean M. Drinkel. I recently posted about this on my blog, THE FEARDOM - Please pop over and follow!

 Most recently published:

‘The Ossillatrice Shift’ in Bones: The Anthology, James Ward Kirk Fiction: Ed. James Ward Kirk. The story won an Editor’s Choice Award.

‘The Twistweaver’s Son’ in The Demonologia Biblica, Western Legends: Ed. Dean M. Drinkel.

‘Skin Seeker’ on Pulp Metal ezine. Ed. Jason Michel. Read it online at

There’s more info on my blog, including lots of links to online stories of mine. I’m also on Twitter @LilyChilds, on LinkedIn as Lily Childs and have Amazon Author Pages at and
There you have it folks - Lily Childs 101. Make sure you head on over to her blog and show some love - better still go and check out her books on Amazon and buy a swag! You won't be sorry you did.

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