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A friend and colleague of sorts (we are both writing stories in an upcoming anthology of True Crime Serial Killer cases), Kim Cressswell, has recently had some good news in that her debut romantic suspense, REFLECTION, was chosen as the first place winner in the UP Authors Fiction Challenge! Kim is a great person and an author to watch - have a read of the following post reblogged from Kim's website and then make sure you check out the links to see what all the fuss is about.
Suspense Author, Kim Cresswell


REFLECTION is UPAuthor Approved

UP Approved-1 
Thank you!

1st Place: Reflection, by Kim Cresswell

“Cinematic writing, powerful visuals, sleek, fast, utterly sexy, notches above anything we have read before!” ~ UP Authors

 About the book

Whitney Steel found her big story...
Now it may kill her!

Florida investigative reporter, Whitney Steel, has lived in the shadow of her legendary father long enough. To prove herself she needs to find the "Big" story.
She finally found it, and now it may kill her.

After receiving a lead pointing to the world's first cloned human, now a small child, Whitney vows to unravel the truth. However, sifting through the facts proves to have dangerous results, including death threats and murder.
When she's nearly killed, but is saved by undercover FBI Special Agent, Blake Neely, he refuses to let her get in the way of his own objective--at least not right away.
Caught in a lethal game between a billionaire obsessed with genetic perfection, his hit man's thirst for retribution, and a Colombian drug lord fresh out of prison determined to make Blake pay for his twin brother's death over a decade ago...
Can they save an innocent child before it's too late?
Faced with tough choices, with deadly consequences for many--Whitney soon realizes that sometimes a story becomes more than just a story.


Mason Bailey gulped down his third Glenlivet. “I didn’t kill her.”
How many times had Whitney Steel heard those words? Dozens. But never from the mouth of a United States senator. For all she cared, the man could drink himself to Mars, but not until she got what she’d come for. An exclusive.
Under the awning shading the Pink Flamingo Club’s patio, she took a sip of her lime daiquiri, and couldn’t help notice the way the mid-afternoon sunlight brutally magnified every line on Mason’s tanned face.
“Of all the reporters in Panama City, let alone Florida, why me? We cut our ties years ago.” And our losses, she wanted to say, but didn’t.
“I know I can trust you.” His gaze darted across the street then back to her. “Besides, we were married once. That should count for something.”
Whitney straightened. Anger coiled in the pit of her stomach. “Give me a break. For a year and a half, I thought we were married. Too bad your girlfriends didn’t know about our little legal arrangement.” Especially, your twenty something assistant.
“Damn it, Whitney. I didn’t ask you here to rehash our past.” He yanked a monogrammed handkerchief from his jacket pocket and dabbed the sweat from his forehead. “I need your help. I know why Carmen Lacey was murdered.”
Her eyes widened. Now they were getting somewhere. “You have my full attention. Are we on the record?”
Mason shoved his empty glass aside. “Yes.”
Her heart thumped with anticipation. This story would be the topic du jour for months. Her ratings at WBNN-TV would soar, and finally her colleagues would take notice and treat her with the professional respect she deserved.
For the past twelve years, her colleagues said she’d had a free ride because of her father, an award winning war correspondent, and her ex-husband’s political connections. This time she’d prove them wrong.
She rummaged through her leather bag, placed her digital voice recorder on the table and gave the record button a firm push. “For the record, Senator Bailey, did you kill Carmen Lacey?”
“No.” He leaned back in the chair and loosened his pinstriped tie. “It’s true. I was the last person to see her alive. But there’s more to this than you think.”
Brown eyes that once set her heart hammering now conveyed a chilling,hollow look. Was it guilt? Desperation?
No. Fear.
Uneasiness slid down her spine. She stopped the recorder. “Mason, you’re scaring me. What the hell is going on? It’s been over three years since we last spoke. Then, out of the blue, you beg me to meet with you today. I know the police don’t believe you killed that woman.”
“But do you, Whitney? Do you believe I killed her? I need to know. It’s important.”
Stunned by the urgency in his voice, she answered carefully. “Of course not. You’re many things, but you’re not a killer.”
“Thank you. That means a lot to me.” He reached for his empty glass and tapped his chunky gold ring against the side.
Whitney turned the recorder on again.
“Carmen was a scientist working for a biotech company in Nevada. ShawBioGen. Heard of it?”
“Who hasn’t? They were one of the first to clone animals in the eighties. Caused quite a stir. But I don’t understand. What does that have to do with
Carmen’s death?”

He opened his mouth to answer.
The large window behind them dividing the patio from the main restaurant exploded. A storm of glass rained down, showering the patio.
There was no warning. Everything moved so fast, yet in slow motion as if part of a horrid nightmare.
Screams. Rushed, heavy, thumping footsteps.
A few feet away, a male waiter dropped the two plates of food in his hands. He froze.
“Get down!” Mason yelled.
Whitney dropped. She huddled into a ball under the table and squashed the side of her face against the patio stones. Amid the chaos, a gunshot echoed and the waiter ran for cover.
A bullet ripped through the man’s shoulder and spun him around, the force slamming his body against the restaurant door. He folded to his knees and howled out in pain.
More shots rang out. Debris spewed through the air. Food, glasses, plates. The sickening smell of deep fried food and scorched cordite assaulted her nostrils. She gagged.
Crimson snaked toward her hand. The warm, sticky liquid met her fingertips.
Blood. Lots of blood. But it wasn’t hers.
Her gaze snapped to Mason, lying on his back. Dark red blood pumped from a gaping wound in his chest, soaking his white shirt. She held her breath to keep from screaming.
He raised his arm and reached for her. “I swear—I didn’t kill her. I swear.”
“I believe you.” Whitney kept her head down and inched her body closer. She grasped his hand. “I do. Oh, God.”
Please don’t die. Her pulse roared so loud in her ears she couldn’t hear her own words. “You’re bleeding so much. Someone help us!”
Another bullet whizzed through the air and slammed into the bottom of the wooden table leg.
Needle-like splinters from the wood slashed through her pants and drilled into her thigh like a hundred slivers. The pain knocked the breath from her. The world twisted and turned yellow. Darkness thickened and threatened to overpower her.
Can’t pass out…help Mason.
He gasped a ragged breath and shoved a key into her bloody palm and curled her fingers closed. “Don’t trust—anyone.”
She clutched the piece of metal. A knot wedged in her throat, one she couldn’t swallow. “I’m going to get help.”
“No—stay.” Blood bubbled at the corners of his mouth and trickled down his jaw. “They cloned…”
His eyelids slid shut.
“What Mason? They cloned what?”
Whitney lowered her head to his chest. “Oh, Mason, no.”

Reflection © 2013 by Kim Cresswell



“Action packed from page one…an impressively laid out passionate thrill ride!” -InD’Tale Magazine
“I was looking forward to reading about Whitney and Blake. I anticipated a Booth and Bones relationship (from the Bones TV Series) and I wasn’t wrong…this book is definitely worth reading.” -Quality Reads UK Book Club
“A brilliant mixture of action, romance and mystery. Well worth a read…a very tough book to put down.” -Jeep Diva
“Five-star page-turner! A truly edge-of-your-seat, never-a-dull-moment read! Reflection has a dramatic start and just never slows down.” - Ellen Fritz at Books4Tomorrow


Available in paperback at Amazon & Createaspace

Contact Kim at kimcresswell75(at)gmail(dot)com
Facebook Author Fan Page
Twitter @kimcresswell



Social media news for writers: a million 'likes' on FB and more!

In this week's news: getting a million 'likes' on Facebook and a potentially very helpful new feature on Facebook for discoverability; the lengths one authors goes to for publicity; avoiding pitch fatigue; George Takei is outed for hiring a ghost writer for his social media.

Clickable hash-tags on Facebook: 

This could be very helpful in getting your posts seen. This week, Facebook added clickable hashtags, enhancing the ability for users to do real-time search on the platform. It's taking a page from Twitter: by adding clickable hashtags, you can see what people are posting on particular subject or breaking event. Details are a little thin, but theoretically this should aid in discoverability, too, as your post with a hashtag could be seen by anyone who clicks on that hashtag. Ultimately, it will be used to push ads to people who are using or viewing a hashtag in a particular category--books, for instance. You might be able to target ads for your dystopian YA novel to someone who tags a post #HungerGames, for instance. And FB reminds us: they have a Superbowl-sized audience every night of 88-100 million Americans who log on. 

Trending hashtags will be coming, they promise. You can read a little more about in in this Mashable article.

Want a million 'likes' on Facebook?

A recent photo did just this, and data scientists at Facebook wrote a paper on their analysis of the event. The bottom line: a crazy cascade of reshares. (Via Mashable)

Don't count out YouTube: 

This infographic explains it all in figures: where the money is on YouTube, viewers, etc. All it takes is one great visual idea--just ask Psy!

The lengths we must go to: 

No doubt you've heard about the lengths author Jennifer Miller has been willing to go to in order to flog her debut novel, The Year of the Gadfly. I have lost count of how many times I have seen articles about Miller's attempt to talk to 100 book clubs in a single month, her attempt to garner publicity for the paperback release. She's using a variety of tools to get book clubs to sign up for her marathon effort. You can read more about her attitude toward book promotion in this Fast Co. article.

In the 'there must be a better way' department: 

Does it seem sometimes like your book publisher's marketing efforts don't seem to be a little, uhm, scattershot? In this article in Locus Magazine, Cory Doctorow, author and technology gadfly (and editor of blog Boing Boing) asks why book publishers, in order to make sense of publicity and marketing efforts,  don't use the customer relationship management (CRM) systems that other businesses use to keep track of interactions with customers.

Build It and They Will Come: 

If you're the do-it-yourself type and want to manage your own website, this article from the NY Times is pretty comprehensive and will give you the names of some good free services to try.

Pitch Fatigue: 

This article from Fast Co. was intended for entrepreneurs who have to pitch their idea for a new product or company over and over, but could apply to writers as well: how to keep the pitch sounding as enthusiastic the 50th time as the first.

Getting better traction on Twitter: 

Buffer is offering a new service: it's partnering with Moz to analyze your Twitter followers and make suggestions to help you get more retweets and a better click through rate on your tweets with links. Or so they claim (like a 200 percent increase in RTs. Believe it. When. I. See. It.)) This service is probably too expensive and requires one has a good number of followers to make it worthwhile, but perhaps your publisher will give it a spin.

Making reading social: 

Here on Endpapers Notes, we've mentioned efforts to make reading social before. Here comes Bookshelf, an app that looks to replicate the Goodreads experience (to an extent; let's hope it doesn't fall into any of Goodreads' bad habits).

You may have heard that George Takei, the former Star Trek actor who vaulted to internet fame in the past few years for his hilarious Facebook content, was just outed by one of his ghostwriters. That's right, Takei isn't solely responsible for his content. This will be an interesting test of the principle of authenticity. Folks frequently ask if they have be the one to write all those tweets, FB posts. etc--it's so time consuming, can't you just hire someone else to do it for you? And of course you can (I met Shaq's social media manager once! a busy woman) But you'd better be upfront about it or your followers can end up feeling cheated. It will be interesting to see if this revelation ends up damaging his relationship with followers.

Hey--thank you for reading this. I'd really like to grow the readership of this blog, however, so if you find this helpful, please give it a shout out. Link to it on Twitter or Facebook or in any forum you frequent where writers congregate. Think of it as helping your friends as well as helping me.

Source: re-blogged from Endpaper Notes

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The True Crime Serial Killers Anthology (Author Roster)


The True Crime Serial Killers Anthology roster of ten authors is finalized. This is going to be an exciting project where each author will write a couple of short case files on lesser-known serial killers from around the world. It is also going to be an annual book, this being the first year.
Publication will be November or early December in eBook, Paperback and Audiobook.

The authors are:

Peter is an author, filmmaker and investigative historian. He holds a Ph.D. in criminal justice history and espionage in international relations from the University of Toronto. He has written a couple of serial killer books:

Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters Female Serial Killers: How and Why Women Become Monsters
Serial Killer Chronicles (Coming 2013)

RJ is an author most well known for his books, TOP CASES of The FBI (Winner of the World Book Awards 2012), Unsolved Serial Killings and Women Who Kill. He has two professional designations in Management and Finance. His true crime books include:

Top Cases of The FBI Top Cases of The FBI Volume II (Coming 2013)

Lee is a published author, musician and enrolled in the PhD program at Concordia University. Besides writing music, he has written two true crime books.

Michael has published 260 books under his own name and various pseudonyms since 1977. He began writing professionally as a "ghost" for author Don Pendleton on the best-selling Executioner series and continues his work on that series today. He has written numerous true crime books, including:

Sylvia studied history and law at Manchester University and developed a particular interest in women who live outside the common boundaries of society. She has written numerous books on female serial killers from different centuries, including:

Dane holds an ABS in Biblical Studies degree in Theology, and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Philosophy and English Creative Writing. He has a wealth of knowledge of Herman Webster Mudgett a.k.a Dr. H. H. Holmes and Jack the Ripper, as he's been studying the Ripper case for more than forty years and will be publishing a book later this year on Holmes/Ripper. His work include:

Dr. H.H. Holmes and The WhiteChapel Ripper (Coming 2013)

Kim has been a story-teller all her life but took many detours including; working for a private investigator, running a graphic design business, and teaching computer classes at a local business school. She has one fictional book published with its sequel coming out this year. This is Kim's introduction to true crime writing.

Lethal Journey (Coming 2013)  

William is a writer of the macabre from New Zealand who also designs book covers, including all of RJ's. He has several Horror books published as well as a few dark poetry books. He spent many years researching serial killers for his book "Blood Related" which has a family of ruthless male serial killers. This Anthology will also be a breakthrough into true crime for William. Some of his work include:

Blood Related
Blood Trail (Coming 2013)  
Fresh Fear (Coming 2013)
Serial Killers Iterum
Songs for The Raven
Devil Inside
Temper of the Tide  
Moment of Freedom

Another quality True Crime book from RJ Parker Publishing
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