William Cook - Writer: A busy year ahead

A busy year ahead

Well, the mandatory salutation - 'Happy New Year', from me to you, is now presented literally. Hope you are kicking into this new year with gusto? Rather than make too many resolutions this year, I have just decided to sacrifice certain aspects of my laziness instead. There is only one way to really attain a peak-production of sorts when it comes to writing (personally speaking) and health must balance with writing/artistic pursuits.

was a good year for me with the re-release of 'Blood Related' by Black Bed Sheet Books and Nicholas Grabowsky. I received my copy in the mail and I'm very pleased with what Nicholas has done with the book. The editing is tight and the formatting and font-choice are perfect.  Nick has been in the business for years and knows what's what and I'm proud to be party of the BBSB team, alongside the likes of the following great authors, most of who scare the hell out of me in a good way:

 |_ Alan Draven (11)
  |_ Amity Green
  |_ Adam Aresty (5)
  |_ Alexander Beresford (12)
  |_ B.L. Morgan (8)
  |_ Bart Brevik (14)
  |_ Brandon Ford (19)
  |_ Cinsearae Santiago (7)
  |_ Dustin LaValley (5)
  |_ Franchisca Weatherman (9)
  |_ Fred Wiehe (8)
  |_ Gene Tipton
  |_ Joel Eisner
  |_ Horns (9)
  |_ Jake Istre (8)
  |_ Jason Gehlert (26)
  |_ Jason M. Tucker (10)
  |_ Jennifer Caress (10)
  |_ Jessica Lynne Gardner (14)
  |_ Joe L. Blevins (6)
  |_ K.K. (3)
  |_ Lane Morris (9)
  |_ Lincoln Crisler (7)
  |_ Matthew Ewald (19)
  |_ Nicholas Grabowsky (28)
  |_ Nick Kisella (19)
  |_ Nicole Vlachos (15)
  |_ Rey Otis (10)
  |_ Robert Milby (8)
  |_ Roger Sills (1)
  |_ Ruschelle Dillon (5)
  |_ Shannon Lee (7)
  |_ S.C. Hayden (9)
  |_ Sean Davis
  |_ Sharon Day & Julie Ferguson (4)
  |_ Shawnalee McCutcheon-Bell (8)
  |_ Sue Dent (2
  |_ Tom Sawyer
  |_ Vin Doctor
  |_ Wade Garret
  |_ William Cook

Anyway, Blood Related is looking good and ready to enter phase two with the imminent completion and (hopefully) publication of the sequel - 'Blood Trail.' I am a quarter of the way there but can give you a small sample of what's to come as Ray Truman fights his way back from the brink of death and resumes his bloodhunt for Caleb Cunningham. You can read it here. And if you haven't read Blood Related you can get it here on Amazon or (preferably), you can get it at a good price in any format, here direct from the publisher.

Current available titles from William Cook:

 2013 - map of endeavour

I have many things on the boil this year, obviously the biggest of which is 'Blood Trail,' the sequel to Blood Related. I am also trying to hone my non-fiction skills to work on a true-crime collection with best-selling True Crime author, RJ Parker.

The intended completion date was extended into the New Year with a flurry of unforeseen life events and crazy-busy times pushing the project into 2013. In a way I think it is a good thing as we can put something out worthwhile without rushing our first project together, in saying that time is of the essence and I write best to a deadline normally. SO, as I implied at the beginning of this post, it's holiday time first for the mental rebuild and then straight back to the gym for the physical energy to kickstart 2013 with some improved writing and motivation.

There are a couple of Anthologies I will be part of in early 2013, one (?) of which is edited by James Ward Kirk. Who, not only being a bloody nice chap as well as being a Horror stalwart at the helm of some cool anthologies coming out soon, he has chosen a story of mine for inclusion in 'Serial Killers 2,' published by Static Movement Press. Another story has been accepted for publication in a Rainstorm Press anthology due out soon, "I'll Never Go Away II.' I'm also pleased to be part of a covert anthology with another story included (to be announced). I'm sure there's more I haven't mentioned but I'll let you know in another post if anything interesting eventuates in 2013 (that is one of my New Year's resolutions - to be more communicative) :)

Peace, Love, and Horror - 2013, bring it on.


P.s. If you need a book cover I have now done a few other genre-types than Horror, including True Crime, Fantasy, and Poetry. Click on the banner below for more deets.

Dick Ayers - eyeball poppin' treat.

 The inimitable art of Dick Ayers - eyeball poppin' brilliance. One of my favorite comic-book artists of all time. I remember having nightmares about his comics when I was a kid and being morbidly fascinated with drawing things with eyeballs popping out all over the place! My pictures were a poor imitation of the master but a homage nonetheless. Feast your eyes on the eerie Horror-art of the brilliant Dick Ayers! Read on.

Additional Chilling Picto-Fiction available from The Empire:
"House Of Monsters"
by Dick Ayers
"Witches Revenge"
By Dick Ayers
"Swamp Monsters"
by Dick Ayers
"Voodoo Terror"
by Chic Stone

Visit Dick Ayers' homes on the web:
Dick Ayers - Comic Book Illustrator
Dick Ayers page at Catskill Comics -
Prints, Commission prices, and (Non-Eerie Pubs) Ayers art gallery.

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